The future of comics The future is in technology. We aim to allow our comics to be presented on whichever medium technology allows us, without forgetting that a good comic must come from a good idea, have a good story, and good artwork. The future as new talent. We want to find the unknown authors that will become the new masters of comics.

Our conviction is that a comic book is an expressive means that adapts to the medium it is presented on. From the time of traditional print, a phase is dawning in which digital formats are proving their worth, and we believe that things will change even more in the years to come.

  • We were the first in Italy to publish comics digitally (2000).
  • The first in Italy to combine print and web, with the first collection of Eriadan strips (2004).
  • The first, with our partnership with My-Tv, on cellphones in 2004, with WAP technology.
  • The first in the world to publish VR comics, in collaboration with Smartcomix and Oniride.
  • But we were also the first to publish talent such as Eriadan, Sio, Angela Vianello, Giulio Rincione, Jessica Cioffi, Marco Rincione, Fraffrog and RichardHtt, Giuseppe Andreozzi, Labadessa, Dado, Alyah, and many more.