About Us

Shockdom was founded in 2000 by Lucio Staiano and Maximiliano Bianchi, who had previously run Hyperion Studio, a small web agency based in Tuscany. Initially it was an online publisher of comics and cartoons, such as the first Italian webcomics Nebula and Firewall.

By 2003 it has become the first publisher to combine web and print, releasing the first Eriadan collection. We have discovered and launched numerous authors, such as Sio, Kaneda, Albo, Rx, Manu, followed later by others such as Dado, Alessandra Patané, Giulio e Marco Rincione, Angela Vianello, Jessica Cioffi, Bigio, Labadessa, and the Antonucci e Fabbri duo.

Our strength lies in our widespread distribution, which allows our products to be found in newsstands through PressDi, in bookstores through Messaggerie, and in specialized comic book stores thanks to Manicomix. We are also present in the most important conventions of the industry, and our efficient online store allows our comics to reach the public instantly, even via ebook, thanks to partners like ComicFu and Verticomics.

In 2017 Shockdom opened a branch in São Paolo, Brazil.