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On the bus, on the train, at school, in the office, at home, at a bar, or in town! All you need is an internet connection to open the doors to a vast library of comics! And if you’re offline have no fear: you can download your comics for the road, and have them ready whenever you need them. Shockdom offers its entire catalogue and all of its series by the best Italian authors for a unique reading experience: always available, in all formats and devices, all inclusive in your yearly subscription. With YEP! users enjoy unlimited access to an unrivalled selection of Italian comics of every genre (thriller, satire, sci-fi, fantasy, vampires, western…) and style, in any place and on any device, whenever you want. The Shockdom catalogue is the only place to find some of the most important current Italian authors (Sio, Bigio, Giulio Rincione, Angela Vianello, Labadessa…). Soon we will add exclusive content only available on the platform, thus expanding the already huge selection of Shockdom authors.